What a special treat to be part of a troupe for a night of Gregangelos Velocity Circus. What a treat to be part of such a beautiful vision. Called by Denise Adkins who works with both Gregangelo, artistic director of Velocity Circus, and Event Producer, John Kelly, a colorful group of multi-talents gather at the golf club @ Pebble Beach for a Mid Summer's Night Dream special event.   With this particular company one literally comes to the job with their work skill and a fresh undergarments  then the magic of vision, professional makeup and thought out costuming by Gregangelo and his talented staff take over.   It's a pleasure to submit. Complete with wings, and stationed to work by a window over looking the Cove @ Pebble Beach and the 18th whole - I focused on my presentation of grapho-analysis of couples and individuals in an engaging, informative and entertaining manner.  I think they had a blast.   When dolled up by Gregangelo, I'm not real aware of the visual sensation I'm making while working as I am so focused on just doing a good job.   However, I can see by people responses and reactions that the combination of the two really takes special events to an extraordinary level. Especially fun was being with "old buddies", Jodi Carr and Dinnie McLaughlin who were on the assignment too.   We carpooled together thus making the commute a pleasurable social catchup in addition to conserving energy. Really nice at my mature stage of life and career to still be able to shine. I am grateful.