Partiart added fun and color to the 4th of July celebration @ The Contra Costa Country Club.  Demand for face painting was high.   I started 40 minutes early and worked 15 minutes over.   Fortunately, during prime time I was joined by two other face painters, Katy Lawrence and Bird McCargar.   We rocked!   Chris Throop, decked out in patriotic tails & top hat delighted the kids at the jumpy house with his balloon sculptures.   Michael Goldstein joined him during the peak time to add extra balloon twisting support then @ 9PM performed a delightful variety show of music and magic. I was racing to complete as I still had another party to get to, but, despite my "End of the Line" sign, the line did not end.   Finally, I packed up and nearly flew to my car to load out and head out but was stopped in my tracks by a road block.   The fireworks were just beginning and I wasn't going anywhere... fire marshalls order.   So, I smiled, embraced the moment of now and was joined by my crew and enjoyed the fireworks with a ringside view.  They were visually spectacular.  I have never been so close. Being first in the car queque to exit, I think, "Free at last", I'm off to the Miller's event, an Hawaiian Themed Xmas Party on July 4... but alas, I had not gone 1/4 of a mile and hit the worst traffic jam just trying to get to the freeway.   With the ban on personal fireworks, the public was out in full force and we were all going home simultaneously. Finally, I get to the Miller's party... it was just about wound down, but fortunately there were plenty of leftovers as I was really hungry by then.   A great place to wind down and even better that they lived next door to me!   Twas a good July 4th!