I was lucky enough last week to have two graphology assignments on consecutive days in beautiful northern California wine country. My niche in graphology is parties and special events, which means I do mini analysis for massive amounts of people in a limited timeframe. Essential to either ignore the negative things I see, or find the most positive spin I can on a particular trait. The first gig was through an agent at an exclusive resort in Calistoga. I shared the room with a well known psychic in the Bay Area who's job it was to read auras. Twas a nice group of follks from all over the country. What was interesting was the high amount of compatibiity between couples as seen by comparing their samples and noting consistency particularly in spatial proportion of lines and margins... excepting one couple, which he pronounced before I said a word that his wife was exceptionally nice. I took my cue and made no comments about her edge of paper to edge of paper, excessively large script that over-flowed to the next page, and simply said, "Yes, she's lovely". The next day's event was in Sonoma... a totally charming town. I booked this one myself. This client right from the beginning was incredibly nice.... and, it turned out, the whole party was too. It was part of a conference of district managers from all over the country. The consistent quality of this group was most impressive. They were even, grounded, generally well balanced, simplified arcade writers with quite a few qualities of amiable. I made sure I let the personnel department know what a consistent job of hiring they did. I was then assured that they make a deliberate point to hire for niceness. There were just a few folks that did not fit the standard mold of the group, one in particular was a poet who told me she's also felt like she didn't fit. I simply told her she marched to the beat of a different drummer and that it was great that she had a position that could sustain her and then I encouraged her creativity. That particular party had very high spirits and wanted over-time. I lasted one extra hour before hitting my limit and bowed out. Twas a good little run of party entertainment fun. CW